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Trucking company

Your expert in road transport of granular materials in road transport of granular materials

We are equipped to transport various types of construction materials.

Gravel pit Estrie

Trucking company

For bulk transportation of various materials throughout the Estrie region,
call on Gestion St-Laurent, a company based in Eastman.

Road transport of materials over all distances in the Estrie region

Our road transport company provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of a varied clientele. We serve individuals, contractors, landscapers, and other excavation professionals. You can entrust us with transporting various granular materials over all distances.

We transport your loads by road from a sandpit or quarry site to your site. The evacuation of rubble and the transport in bulk of various construction waste are also part of our services.

Our company is specialized in the road transport of various types of granular materials

Gravel pit Estrie

Our assets


We have been transporting construction materials since the 80's.

Customized Service

We adapt our road transport services to the needs of your construction sites.

Fast Delivery

We guarantee fast delivery of your loads anywhere in Estrie.

Competitive Prices

We offer a wide range of road transport services at the best price.

Experienced transport company to supply your construction sites

To transport your construction materials in the best conditions, choose our company. With a solid experience in the field, we can manage the entire supply of your construction sites. Our fleet of trucks is complete enough to satisfy your demands.

We are the professionals you need to provide soil transportation services for your construction and landscaping projects. You can also request our services to transport materials from any gravel pit in the Estrie region to your construction site.

We ensure the rapid delivery of your construction materials anywhere in the Estrie region

Soil transport Estrie